Horse Riding in the Snowy Mountains Has Never Been More Fun

Ah, the Snowy Mountains. Referred to as “The Snowies” by area locals, this range is the highest on the Australian mainland and boasts peaks such as Mt. Kosciuszko, which towers at an impressive 2,228 metres. That’s a tall mountain, but it’s truly a sight to behold—and the rest of the area is just as impressive. This terrain might seem like a somewhat challenging place to go on vacation, but fear not! Exploring these parts is made easy (and a lot of fun) when you go horse riding in the Snowy Mountains.

The best company to offer horse riding in the Snowy Mountains is, of course, Reynella Rides. We’re the oldest and most established company of our kind in the region, with over 51 years of experience conducting horse riding tours for people of all different kinds and skill levels. We use animals of the finest quality, know the area inside and out, and provide a safe service that nonetheless manages to be extremely adventurous and enjoyable. It’s easily the best way to see these magnificent mountains up close.

If you’re interested in exploring The Snowies in an extremely unique and truly memorable fashion, contact Reynella Rides and ask about horse riding in the Snowy Mountains. You can find more information about our services, our company and our horses by calling our office or by browsing this website, so don’t delay! Blaze a trail to the Snowy Mountains today.