Enjoy Horse Treks into the Snowy Mountains with an Experienced Operator

Have you recently learned to ride? Are you a novice horse rider seeking some horseback fun in some incredible and unforgettable countryside? Perhaps you are concerned that your skills aren’t up to trekking into the mountains. At Reynella Rides, we suggest you put your fears and apprehension behind you and book up for horse treks into the Snowy Mountains for an experience you will never forget.

We have experienced riders and leaders who will take you and your group of up to 16 riders on a horseback safari to breathtaking places such as Tantangara Creek, Mount Tantangara and Tabletop Mountain. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced rider, we provide all the support and assistance you need for horse treks into the Snowy Mountains, and you will probably find that your riding will significantly improve as the days go by. With the experience of 47 years, our leaders will be on hand to make sure you have a very good time riding, and our horses are all forward-going, keen and obedient.

Our horse treks in the Snowy Mountains are typically six days and cover a distance of 100 miles. In that time, you’ll see sights that simply astound you, and views that you will never forget. Each night you get to camp out and sleep beneath the stars. Call Reynella Rides today on 1800 029 909 to find out more about our horse treks into the Snowy Mountains, our Horseback Safaris and Homestead Holidays.