Snowy Mountain Trail Rides - Suitable for all Levels

If a horseback Snowy Mountain trail ride is something you have always thought about, the time to book a trip is now. It has never been easier to meander through the rugged trails known as the Snowy Mountains atop a horse, like an Australian trailblazer. Our guides provide an experience unlike any other, taking you on the trails that the original explorers used seeking gold and grazing for cattle. Just like “The Man from Snowy River”, you will be transported to a time gone by and immersed in a countryside few get to see.

We offer a truly unique riding experience and always keep your safety in mind. We are proud to offer horse riding safaris that go for 3, 4 or 5 days so that you can experience the authentic feeling of camping in the Snowy Mountains. We cater for all levels of riders, from the most experienced rider to beginners (as long as you are fit). Most folks feel safe atop our gentle horses within a few hours, even if they’ve never ridden before. We provide horse instruction, helmets, and equipment to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. You’ll find yourself asking, ‘when can we do this again?’

The Snowy Mountain terrain is majestic, and can be somewhat intimidating, but our guides offer generations of experience to allow each rider a safe and fun experience in a controlled environment. We not only guide you on a mountain trail, but we also share the history of this beautiful countryside to provide a one of a kind experience for the entire group.

Call us on 1800 02 9909 (Free in Australia) or 61 2 6454 2386 to book your horse riding trip through the Snowy Mountains. Alternatively, you can email us at – book your horse riding trip online today!