Reynella Rides is the destination for anyone who wants to see the Snowy Mountains on Horseback this holiday!

If you’ve not heard of Reynella Rides, they are the granddaddy of all riding establishments in the Kosciuszko National Park area. For 47 years the Rudd family has invited people from all over the world to experience what it is like to trek through the Snowy Mountains while horseback on holiday. Whether you are an experienced rider or are just starting out, Reynella Rides will pair you with the right horse for you and outfit you with the proper saddle to traverse the wild.

Holidays with Reynella Rides take you back to a simpler time where the worries of the world will fall like dew from the wildflowers around you and be taken away with the morning sun. With Reynella Rides horseback holiday packages, you will experience the legendary hospitality of the Rudd Family in a rustic atmosphere where you can learn to ride, become an even stronger rider, or just enjoy amazing food while being with your friends and loved ones. Enjoy three-course dinners, elaborate breakfasts and mouth-watering barbeque from around a campfire, all under the tapestry of the Snowy Mountains.

Reynella Rides not only offers you the opportunity to ride, but in its unique homestead atmosphere, you can learn to crack a whip, move stock, and discover and hone skills you may never have known you had before. When you are in the Snowy Mountains on horseback, it’s more than a holiday; it is an experience you can share with your family, and perhaps begin a tradition of your own. Call Reynella Rides and mount up today!