Reynella Rides: Your guide through the snowy mountains and horseback riding

There is a crispness in the air as the sun begins to rise in the early morning. Around you, the quiet of the night begins to fade away, and the animals begin to stir. You are gazing at the snowy mountains while horseback riding, taking in the splendor of the early hours as you begin your trek through the Kosciuszko National Park.

For 47 years the Rudd family has shared their unique knowledge of the land and offered the opportunity to all who wish to explore the Snowy Mountains. Whatever your skill level, Reynella Rides will guide you through this one of a kind adventure pairing each rider with handpicked solid mountain horses suited to riders of all ages and skill levels.

This is more than a holiday; it is a life experience you will not want to put off. Reynella Rides safaris cover up to 160 km over the course of five days. Discover grand views and get back to the simple things in life, adventuring through the Snowy Mountains while horseback riding up to six hours a day.

Travel the route that hardy men and strong women have travelled throughout Australia’s history, visit historic sites along the way, and view, if only for a few days, the Snowy Mountains on horseback, riding the same trails and seeing the sights as the pioneers did for the first time. This journey will be made all the more real with the Rudd family’s extensive family history, connections, and tales as you travel through the Snowy Mountains. Take life by the reins and contact Reynella Rides today!