Spend the Holidays on Horseback - Horse Riding with Reynella

The holidays are a fun time for and friends to have fun. Why not surprise the entire clan with a horse riding holiday? At Reynella Rides, we offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the holidays from a different vantage point – one atop of a horse! We offer unique trips as 3, 4 or 5-day treks that require about 5 hours of horse riding per day. Please check our website for scheduling.

The Rudd family has been guiding nature lovers through the magical Kosciuszko National Park for 51 years. Our knowledge and experience will ensure that your trip is as enjoyable as it is safe. The best part is that we provide everything you will need for your horse riding adventure, from the camping gear and food, and even safety gear such as riding helmets. These all-inclusive packages include everything you need to make the memories of a lifetime and all for an affordable price.

What better way to make the holidays merrier and more memorable than to give the gift of horse riding through the landscape of legends? The best holidays are spent horse riding so let our knowledgeable guides (authentic bushmen and women) give you an experience of a lifetime. We will share the rich history of the man who first rode through the snowy mountains and give your group something to talk about for years to come.

Call us on 1800 02 9909 (Free in Australia) or 61 2 6454 2386 to book your horse riding holiday adventure. You can also email us at reynella@activ8.net.au now. Go ahead – make your holidays legendary.