Dates & Rates 21/22

Please note: As we have not yet released our 2021/2022 brochure, these dates could change.

Entering our 51st Year of riding into Kosciuszko National Park 2021/ 2022 



Unfortunately, due to the ongoing lockdowns and restrictions happening throughout New South Wales, we have made the difficult decision to cancel our first two treks of the season. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

12th Friday PM – 16th Tuesday AM                   3 Day/4 Night         CANCELLED

21st Sunday PM – 27th Saturday AM                5 Day/6 Night         CANCELLED

26th Friday PM – 30th Tuesday AM                  3 Day/4 Night                      $1660



3rd Friday PM – 7th Tuesday AM                       3 Day/4 Night                    $1660

3rd Friday PM – 9th Thursday AM                     5 Day/6 Night                    $2550

12th Sunday PM – 16th Thursday AM               3 Day/4 Night                    $1660

27th Monday PM – 2nd Sunday AM                   5 Day/6 Night                   $2550



3rd Monday PM – 7th Friday AM        3 Day/4 Night   2 places left!*    $1660

9th Sunday PM – 13th Thursday AM        3 Day/4 Night   FULL*             $1660

14th Friday PM – 18th Tuesday AM                   3 Day/4 Night                   $1660

Australia Day Trek

21st Friday PM – 25th Tuesday AM                   3 Day/4 Night                    $1660



3rd Thursday PM – 7th Monday AM                  4 Day/5 Night                   $2035

10th Thursday PM – 17th Wednesday AM        5 Day/6 Night                   $2550

20th Sunday PM – 25th Friday AM                     4 Day/5 Night                   $2035



4th Friday PM – 8th Tuesday AM                       3 Day/4 Night                    $1660

Canberra Long Weekend

11th Friday PM – 15th Tuesday AM                   3 Day/4 Night                    $1660

17th Thursday PM – 22nd Tuesday AM             4 Day/5 Night                    $2035

25th Friday PM – 29th Tuesday AM                   3 Day/4 Night                    $1660



Easter Trek

Join us on this trek and continue on to the “Man from Snowy River” Festival commencing 7th April

31st Thursday PM – 5th Tuesday AM            4 Day/5 Night  FULL*           $2035

31st Thursday PM – 4th Monday PM            4 Day/4 Night   FULL*          $1885

6th Wednesday PM – 10th Sunday AM               3 Day/4 Night                   $1660

Been to the MFSR festival? Continue the adventure!

11th Monday PM – 15th Friday AM                     3 Day/4 Night                   $1660

21st Thursday PM – 25th Monday AM                3 Day/4 Night                   $1660

21st Thursday PM – 27th Wednesday AM           5 Day/6 Night                  $2550


*Subject to change. cancellations etc. Register your interest by completing contact us form to be notified about changes.

Individual return guests receive a 10% discount when booking direct.

 BOOK A GROUP OF 11 OR MORE AND GET A FREE TRIP FOR 1 PERSON. PERSON RECEVING THE FREE TREK MUST COLLECT ALL PAYMENTS PLEASE & FORWARD TO Roslyn Rudd. Maximum of one discount offer per booking eg. Group of 10 + at least one, get one freebie and rest of group get 5% discount.


*We suggest all guests purchase insurance to cover for cancellation. Also ambulance cover is required. See brochure for cancellation policy.

Information correct when approved for printing. Reynella reserves the right to discontinue or alter at any time without notice, specifications, activities or prices, without incurring obligations. Reynella shall not be held liable for any loss, injury or delay which may result in connection with any activity arranged by Reynella. We advise guest to purchase cancellation and trip travel insurance if you do not want to assume risk of loss due to illness or emergency.

All participants must understand that horse riding is classified as an adventure sport activity and that there are inherent risks involved. For the safety of all riders, participants must adhere to the safety instructions. Horses are unpredictable animals, and while every precaution is taken and rigid safety instructions are in place at Reynella, participants must assume full risk of injury and accept full responsibility for all personal injury or property damage. A waiver document setting out the warnings related to horse riding must be completed at the time of booking.