Enjoy Family Farm Stays in NSW’s Own Kosciuszko National Park

How would you like to enrich your children’s lives by taking them to stay at one of Australia’s incredible national treasures? Have you been searching for a place to get an authentic experience of a family farm stay near NSW? We offer our family farm stays …read more .

The Canberra Horse Riding Holiday Package Only From Reynella Kosciusko Rides

If you have been searching for an amazing holiday for yourself or a group, try horse riding near Canberra with Reynella Kosciusko Rides. Our company is the original horse trekking company in the Kosciuszko National Park and has been operating …read more .

Advanced Ecotourism Certification for Horse Riding in Kosciuszko National Park

Kosciuszko National Park is a truly unique environment characterised by an abundance of wildflowers, flora and fauna, exposed limestone, and rugged foothills. This mountainous area, located near the border of New South Wales and Victoria, offers …read more .

Reach the Top of the World, Go Horse Riding in the Snowy Mountains

Climb to new heights as you go horse riding in the Snowy Mountains with Reynella Kosciusko Rides, the grandfather of all horse riding establishments in Kosciuszko National Park. Our company has been operating for 45 years and is the original horse …read more .

Looking for Long Horse Treks in Kosciuszko National Park?

Have you ever imagined yourself riding horses in Australia’s Snowy Mountain area? Do you enjoy the idea of riding for days in fields of wildflowers and foothills, stopping each night for a roaring campfire, good food and good company? Make this …read more .

Our Ecotourism Certified Snowy Mountain Treks

At Reynella Kosciusko Rides, we are committed to keeping all our tours environmentally friendly. We love this land and want to make sure it stays as beautiful as it is for generations to come. In 2004, John Rudd OAM won the Eco-Tourism …read more .

Are you searching for a Snowy Mountain Holiday?

With 45 years of experience leading horseback riding expeditions, our family was the first licensed operator to conduct horse treks into Kosciuszko National Park …read more .

Enjoy Snowy Mountains Trail Rides at Reynella Rides This Season!

Have you been looking to give yourself or your family a new kind of vacation this year? Are you tired of the typical beach vacation with sunburn and sandy clothing? If you are, consider coming to Kosciuszko National Park! Reynella Kosciusko Rides is a …read more .

Spend the Holidays on Horseback – Horse Riding with Reynella

The holidays are a fun time for and friends to have fun. Why not surprise the entire clan with a horse riding holiday? At Reynella Rides, we offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the holidays from a different vantage point – one atop …read more .

Enjoy a horse riding adventure in the Snow Mountains

Are you itching for an adventure? Have you always wanted to see the stunning scenery you have heard about that inspired the movie, The Man from Snowy River? The legends of early commercial treks through the grand Snowy Mountains can now be your …read more .

Man from Snowy River Horse Ride Guided Tours

For 45 years we have been guiding folks through the stunning landscape of the Kosciuszko National Park. At Reynella Rides, we offer guided horse treks through the majestic Snowy Mountains. Long before our family stepped foot on the base of the …read more .

Original Owner Brings History and Fun to Horse Rides in the Snowy Mountains

Reynella Rides is a family owned business and is known for being the best horse trek company in the area, offering snowy mountain horse rides for individuals or groups. Trust us, this is an amazing adventure into Kosciuszko National Park only …read more .

Snowy Mountain Trail Rides – Suitable for all Levels

If a horseback Snowy Mountain trail ride is something you have always thought about, the time to book a trip is now. It has never been easier to meander through the rugged trails known as the Snowy Mountains atop a horse, like an Australian …read more .

Reynella Rides – Snowy Mountains Horse Riding Safaris

Reynella Kosciusko Rides is the primary conductor of guided horse riding treks through the Snowy Mountains of the Kosciuszko National Park. The awe-inspiring and rugged terrain is no match for our experienced guides, who offer you a trip to …read more .

Book a Holiday Horse Riding in the Snowy River Area

Tired of the same humdrum holiday? Is everyone in the family stuck on their smartphones and laptops, and you can’t seem to find some quality time? Why not book a holiday adventure riding horses in Kosciuszko National Park or a Homestead holiday at …read more .

Need a Getaway? Try a Horse Riding Holiday in the Snowy Mountains

If you’re in need of an adventure to shake things up a bit, maybe you’ve considered a trip to the fantastic Snowy Mountains or “Snowies”, the highest range in Australia. A trip to these mountains can be wonderful and exciting, but it can also seem a …read more.

Horse Riding in the Snowy Mountains Has Never Been More Fun

Ah, the Snowy Mountains. Referred to as “The Snowies” by area locals, this range is the highest on the Australian mainland and boasts peaks such as Mt. Kosciuszko, which towers at an impressive 2,228 metres. That’s a tall mountain, but it’s truly a …read more.

Find Horse Riding Tours in the Snowy Mountains via This Established Company

The Snowy Mountains are an incredible natural wonder of the Australian countryside. Their wonderful vistas and palpable aura of awe are just some of the reasons why the “Snowies”, as they’re informally known, have become such a popular destination …read more.

Find the Best Horse Riding Treks in the Snowy Mountains with Reynella Rides

So, you fancy yourself an explorer, do you? Or maybe you don’t. Maybe you’re just looking for an interesting vacation spot in Australia’s splendid Kosciuszko National Park, and the majestic Snowy Mountains have caught your attention. That’s …read more.

Reynella Rides offering the safest and most experienced high country horse rides:

For some the Snowy Mountains are a famous mountain range they’ve heard about in movies. For others, it’s a range they can see in the distance as they travel throughout Australia. For a special few, it is a dream destination in the high country …read more.

Reynella Rides: The original and most experienced horse back tour through the Snowy Mountains

With over 45 years of experience, Reynella Rides and the Rudd family has been called “the granddaddy of riding establishments.” This name is well-earned considering we are the most experienced operators in the region with a family history dating back to …read more.

Enjoy Horse Treks into the Snowy Mountains with an Experienced Operator

Have you recently learned to ride? Are you a novice horse rider seeking some horseback fun in some incredible and unforgettable countryside? Perhaps you are concerned that your skills aren’t up to trekking into the mountains. At Reynella …read more.

Enjoy a Horseback Holiday in the Snowy Mountains Including a Homestead Stayover

If you’ve ever been on a horseback holiday in the past, you’ll probably know what a fantastic experience it is. Riding through the country, with your trusty steed, and looking forward to a hearty campfire meal and then sleeping under the stars …read more.

Horseback Riding in the Snowy Mountains is a Fun Experience for Any Age Group

Have you thought about booking up to go horseback riding into the Snowy Mountains, but then decided you’re either too young or too old? At Reynella Rides, there is no such thing as too young or too old to enjoy the thrill of horseback riding. With over …read more.

Treat your family to the ultimate bush escape with a Snowy Mountains horse riding holiday.

Are you keen to leave behind the hustle and bustle of city living? Are you looking at getting away from it all with some much-needed time in nature? A Snowy Mountains horse riding holiday may be just what you’re seeking, a perfect retreat for you and …read more.

Breathe in that fresh alpine air, with a Snowy Mountains Horse Riding Tour.

There’s nothing quite like it. The exhilaration and freedom that comes with being so high up in the natural world. Book in a Snowy Mountains horse riding tour today, and allow us to guide you on a trail through Kosciuszko National Park. Gracefully trek …read more.

Explore Kosciuszko National Park with the ultimate Snowy Mountains horse riding treks.

Bring those Banjo Patterson stories to life, as you trek the breathtaking Snowy Mountains by horse, taking in all the amazing scenery that inspired ‘The Man From Snowy River’. Explore unique locations such as the historical Kiandra, the shortest gold …read more.

Put a Snowy Mountains Horse Riding Experience on the Top of your “To-Do” List

There are many things that people typically put on their “life to-do lists”. In other words, the things they want to experience in life above all else. So, what makes it onto the list of things you want to do? Visit the Grand Canyon? Drive a Ferarri? Perhaps …read more.

Hunt for Brumbies in Kosciuszko National Park, with the Snowy Mountains’ best horse treks.

Meet and greet with a horse specifically selected and fitted to you, then hit the trails! Your experienced and accredited tour guide will lead you on a journey you’ll never forget; along rolling plains, surpassing cool and flowing rivers and onto …read more.

Reynella Rides is the destination for anyone who wants to see the Snowy Mountains on Horseback this holiday!

If you’ve not heard of Reynella Rides, they are the granddaddy of all riding establishments in the Kosciuszko National Park area. For 45 years the Rudd family has invited people from all over the world to experience what it is like to trek …read more.

Reynella Rides: Your guide through the snowy mountains and horseback riding

There is a crispness in the air as the sun begins to rise in the early morning. Around you, the quiet of the night begins to fade away, and the animals begin to stir. You are gazing at the snowy mountains while horseback riding, taking in the …read more.