Find Horse Riding Tours in the Snowy Mountains via This Established Company

The Snowy Mountains are an incredible natural wonder of the Australian countryside. Their wonderful vistas and palpable aura of awe are just some of the reasons why the “Snowies”, as they’re informally known, have become such a popular destination for travelers and visitors throughout the country and even beyond its borders. So, if you’re thinking about taking a trip to the Snowies, why not make it truly special? The best way to do that, of course, is to make sure that the way in which you choose to explore the Snowies is exciting and unique. How do you do that? Try horse riding tours of the Snowy Mountains with Reynella Rides.

Reynella Rides has been established for approximately 51 years and is the original licensed horse riding service in Kosciuszko National Park. That means we have more experience, better knowledge of the area, and finer horses than any other service in the vicinity, no matter who might claim otherwise. Our horse riding tours for the Snowy Mountains are practically legendary, and each season we host many avid explorers, tourists and other visitors who want to experience these glorious mountains from atop our majestic animals. We’d be happy to count you and your party among them.

For more information on the services we offer, or to learn more about our company, check out the rest of this site, or call us today with your questions. We can’t wait to show you the Snowies like you’ve never seen them before.