Find the Best Horse Riding Treks in the Snowy Mountains with Reynella Rides

So, you fancy yourself an explorer, do you? Or maybe you don’t. Maybe you’re just looking for an interesting vacation spot in Australia’s splendid Kosciuszko National Park, and the majestic Snowy Mountains have caught your attention. That’s completely understandable—the “Snowies”, as folks in the area commonly know them, are one of the most magical spots in all of Australia. Home to the monolithic Mt Kosciuszko (which stands a dizzying 2,228m tall), it’s an eye-popping area of rich natural beauty. What better way to see such a place than from on top of another natural beauty—namely, a good horse?

Horse riding treks in the Snowy Mountains are perhaps the best way to see this incredible area up close, and with Reynella Rides, they’re safe and reliable. We’ve been around for 51 years, providing superbly bred horses and experienced guides for travelers of every kind who have come to experience the wonders of the Snowies themselves. We’re the largest operators in the area with the longest held licenses, which means that we know these mountains like no other business in the region. We’re also AHRC accredited trek leaders with advanced ecotourism certification, making us a responsible and dependable choice for your journey.

So, if you’re looking for an authentic way to visit the Snowies, trust Reynella Rides for horse riding treks in the Snowy Mountains and contact us today. Consider us your first step on the pathway to adventure, and begin your journey now.