Our Ecotourism Certified Snowy Mountain Treks

At Reynella Kosciusko Rides, we are committed to keeping all our tours environmentally friendly. We love this land and want to make sure it stays as beautiful as it is for generations to come. In 2004, John Rudd OAM won the Eco-Tourism Award for dedication to keeping this alpine area pristine. This is why we are proud to offer Snowy Mountain rides that are eco-friendly.

We offer multiple ways to enjoy the beauty of the Snowy Mountain range. First are our Homestead Horse Riding Holiday Packages to for families and visitors. This package allows for comfortable lodge-like accommodation complete with full meals, all linens plus electric blankets, and plenty of opportunities to spend the day riding, fishing, hiking, or taking scenic drives. Homestead packages are available on select dates in September/October, mid-January and April. Throughout July-September, look to us for your family ski at Snowy Mountain accommodation, located a mere 54km from Selwyn Snowfields.

Do you love riding on horseback through wild, untamed landscapes but worry that you may be hurting the environment? No need! With our Snowy Mountain accommodation and horse safaris, you can explore 160km of unspoiled mountain trails in Kosciuszko National Park knowing that the landscape will be well preserved for many generations to enjoy.

For those who prefer roaming the breathtaking mountain trails in Kosciuszko National Park, we offer guided horseback safaris complete with camp gear, an experienced guide, and hot meals. Our tours take you across 160km of beautiful bushland over the span of a few days.

There’s no shortage of possibilities when you choose our Snowy Mountain accommodation, and all at affordable prices! No matter how you choose to stay, you can be sure that at Reynella Rides, we’re an award-winning Eco-Tourism Certified company. Contact us today on 02 6454 2386 or 1800 02 9909, or reynella@activ8.net.au for more information.