Are you searching for a Snowy Mountain Holiday?

With 47 years of experience leading horseback riding expeditions, our family was the first licensed operator to conduct horse treks into Kosciuszko National Park.

At Reynella Rides, we provide a true mountainous escape to allow riders to experience the 160km trek through rugged stretches of land accented by scores of wildflowers, flora and fauna, crystal clear mountain streams and exposed limestone rock faces. Our horseback riding safaris provide an authentic camping experience for those seeking real Snowy Mountain holidays.

Each night we provide your group with a three-course meal prepared by our chef, comfortable tents, and sleeping mattresses via our truck, so riders don’t need to worry about lugging around equipment or personal gear. Additionally, sleeping bags and oilskins can be hired, and you can simply enjoy the land and the unique experience of travelling on horseback. We encourage riding groups of all skill levels to participate. Our experienced staff will lead the group along the trails to ensure new riders will soon master riding skills and build confidence.

For those less adventurous, we suggest our homestead holiday packages that operate in September/October, Mid-January and April. These packages are ideal for families or those more inclined to gain experience before taking on a trek.

Reynella Rides have been the top provider of Kosciuszko National Park horseback riding trails for many years. Riders of any skill level can be sure that our main priority is safety. We offer packages for riders of most ages and can cater to groups of up 20 clients. Call us today on 02 6454 2386 or email to learn more about our real Snowy Mountain holidays!