Put a Snowy Mountains Horse Riding Experience on the Top of your “To-Do” List

There are many things that people typically put on their “life to-do lists”. In other words, the things they want to experience in life above all else. So, what makes it onto the list of things you want to do? Visit the Grand Canyon? Drive a Ferrari? Perhaps go to the Barrier Reef, or do a round-the-world cruise? Or maybe, you’d like to go on a Snowy Mountains horse riding experience that will just blow your mind.

At Reynella Rides, we can’t promise a Ferarri, but what we can do is offer you a Snowy Mountains horse riding adventure that you’ll never forget. Book up with us to take you and your family on a 100-mile, six-day trek into the heart of the Australian outback, where you’ll see animals, views and countryside that exists in no other place on Earth. With a trusty steed (selected according to your skill and experience), you’ll have a fantastic time riding.

Not only that, in the evenings, the fun doesn’t stop. Camping out in the bush is something everyone should do once in their lifetime. If you’ve never done that before, you’ll not be disappointed.

Sounds a little daunting? Don’t worry; all our leaders have years of experience, and Reynella Rides has been organizing treks like this for over 47 years. In fact, we’re the original “granddaddy” of all riding establishments in the area. We cater for all skill sets and riding experience to make sure you and your party have a fantastic trip.