Reynella Rides - Snowy Mountains Horse Riding Safaris

Reynella Kosciusko Rides is the primary conductor of guided horse riding treks through the Snowy Mountains of the Kosciuszko National Park. The awe-inspiring and rugged terrain is no match for our experienced guides, who offer you a trip to remember. Imagine taking in the incredible cascading snowy mountains on horseback! We offer three, four and five day safaris through the stunning vistas of the Kosciuszko National Park.

Whether you are a group of experienced riders or novice horse enthusiasts and nature lovers, let Reynella Rides help you make memories in The Snowy Mountains. Horse riding through the Snowy Mountains offers a unique experience. A horseback trek is a wonderful way to get away from the stress of the city and become fully immersed in the beauty and wonder of the Kosciuszko National Park landscape. Enjoy the grand peaks of the rustic countryside nestled safely in a saddle atop one of our well-trained horses.

Reynella Kosciusko Rides offers an outdoor horse riding experience like no other. Our knowledgeable staff will lead you through the most beautiful countryside in Australia. These treks are more than just a couple of days on a horse – they are the experience talked about in the campfire stories passed down through generations.

Our enthusiastic guides are authentic bushmen and women. Let them take you on a mountain safari that will captivate your soul with history and breathtaking scenery. For 47 years the Rudd family has been providing guided tours on horseback, making Reynella Kosciusko Rides an icon in the area. With a working cattle, sheep and horse property, you’ll be led by folks who don’t only know the terrain but also live in it.

Call us on 1800 02 9909 (Free in Australia) or 61 2 6454 2386 to book your horse trek adventure. Or you can email us at now and experience the wonder of the snowy mountains on horseback.